Excess Body Weight & Cancer

When you have some extra weight that you’re trying to lose, it’s easy to focus on just that. But remember, in most cases those extra pounds are a symptom of your body not being as healthy as it should be. “When your body gets to a healthy state, it naturally returns to a healthy weight.”

As detailed in the Weekday Fast plan, we believe Intermittent Fasting allows the body to naturally heal itself during those periods where it is in a fasted state, and not focusing on food digestion and fat storage. We also know that Cancer cells LOVE sugar, and when the body is in a fasted state, they aren’t getting any. Conversely, if we are eating constantly they are getting fed constantly.

As the blog post below details, at least 1 in 17 Cancers are directly related to obesity — just one more reason to adopt a healthy lifestyle of Intermittent Fasting!

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