Lockdown over – Time to Lose those Covid pounds!

Happy Summertime Weekday Fasters!

So… by a show of hands, how many of us are carrying a few extra Rona pounds? Mmm hmm. That’s what I thought. I’m right there with you. As you know I recommend “taking off the holidays” and I did that last year and had gained a few back as is normal, but let’s the mandatory shelter-at-home AND trying to help all the struggling restaurants out by ordering lots of take-out … along with lots of rich food and ahem increased alcohol consumption cough cough and the scale is being a big meanie.

It’s easy to see why we have coined such phrases as “Covid-15” and “Pandemic pounds”. Don’t feel bad – if you have gained a few pounds you’re not alone! A quick Google search will show you that we’re not alone. Well my friends, let’s get busy!

I’m back on Weekday Fast phase one as of today. My goal is 190 and I’ll be posting here for accountability. Here’s a quick refresher:


  • Drink 24 oz water (ladies) or 32 oz (guys) first thing in the AM after you weigh (8 oz of water = a pound)
  • Try to drink an additional 1/2 oz per pound of body weight throughout the day
  • Consume all calories in a short window, preferably a max of eight hours. (aka “Skip Breakfast”)
  • 600 calories for the ladies, 800 for the guys. (Big salad for lunch, lean protein and lots of veggies for dinner)
  • Use MyFitnessPal to track calories – BE STRICT and count every calorie.
  • Only black coffee or tea (no sweeteners or milk) until you open your eating window
  • Don’t drink any calories – no soft drinks etc.
  • NO alcohol


  • Eat normally but limit carbs
  • Use MyFitness Pal to figure out what your daily calorie consumption should be (set your goal in the app)
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner if you like


  • But still drink your “Weekend Water”
  • And don’t go crazy on the calories or alcohol

Weigh in every day – at least Monday and Friday, first thing in the morning, after using the restroom, in the same amount of clothing every day.

Use a food scale so you KNOW how many (for example) ounces of chicken you are eating. (Amazon has them for $10-$15).

Use a digital scale that shows tenths of a pound to measure your progress. For around $50 you can get one that has Bluetooth and will sync to an app on your smartphone so you can track your progress.

Let’s get going!

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