A note about all posts below this one…

As you can see, I actually started this last summer and got distracted once school started last Fall. Originally I was just going to put everything in blog posts but after a while I decided to compile it all to a single PDF.

You can scroll down and read these old posts if you want, but all the info in them has been assimilated into the Weekday Fast Plan document I wrote.  Just click that link (or right-click and save-as to put a copy on your desktop) and you can read it all in one place.


Coming Soon: The Weekday Fast Cheat Sheet

Today is my birthday. I have decided to give all of you a present to celebrate! I am going to work on consolidating all of the information on the blog into a downloadable PDF and call it the “Weekday Fast Cheat Sheet”.

I realize I need to get a little more specific on exactly how I have tweaked the various intermittent fasting protocols into a method that easily fits in my lifestyle and does not interfere with our social life.

I’m calling it Weekday Fast because similar to a job, you “work” during the week and relax more on the weekends.

Experience has shown that these type of projects usually take a little longer than expected, but I will try to have it ready by the end of the month.  Stay tuned!